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Sharmistha Banerjee

Vocalist & Founder of Taraana Music School Florida, USA

Sharmistha Banerjee is blessed with a melodious, soulful and silky smooth voice. She has a distinct singing style of her own. Her effortless, at ease singing of intricate ornamentations (harkatein) with melodic expressions (bhaav), crystalline diction and natural elegance sets her apart. Following her guru's footsteps Sharmistha maintains a very low profile and enjoys a close-knit circle of music lovers.


She has an innate ability to give masterful performances in many different genres. She has made a name for herself in 'Ghazals', Geets, 'Nazrul Geeti'(Bengali semi-classical songs) & Puratani Songs. She is also well-known and has made a niche for Manna De's songs!


With a balanced mixture of mood and melody, her soulful singing always brings out the true essence of good music.


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